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A Little Bit Of History

1987 was a game released which would have put Nintendo seriously in trouble (almost).

creator of Turrican (Manfred Trenz) released one of the best jump & run games

great leveldesign, good graphic and the music from Chris Huelsbeck (“Shades”) gave this
even more a bonus and you would see it still in stores to buy if i mentioned
earlier..wouldn´t have been..Nintendo.

due the fact that the first Level of the game looked almost like the first level
of Super Mario Bros. and other similarities, Nintento pulled Rainbow Arts to court
and won. (Rainbow Arts had released the Amiga version of the game at this point).

after the court decision copies which were already in stores were withdrawn and the
sales were stopped.

the game reached already cult status though and many black copies of the game were
handed around and both original versions (C64 and Amiga) were sold for a lot of US$ on

so far a bit history about one the best Jump and Run game of all times called..

Great Giana Sisters

great giana sisters

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Highway Crossing Frog

Frogger created by Konami was a huge success as an arcade game and later found its way on consoles like the Atari 2600 and homecomputers like the C64, Sinclair Spectrum and others.

originally the game was about to be called “Highway Crossing Frog” but after licensing for worldwide distribution to Sega/Gremlin, Sega decided to call it Frogger.

the goal of the game is very simple..jump with a frog acrross the street to the river, jump from there on logs and on the back of swimming turtles and finally make your way to frog home.

there are so many Frogger clones out there, its hard to count..but one adaption convinced me, created by Neave Games which gives you the feeling of the original game back but with better graphics.

frogger game

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Long Ago..

i stumbled on a text based adventure game called Dragonworld” which was printed as hex Codes in a computer magazine for the commodore 64 and ran into the the opportunity to play my first text adventure..but it was nothing compared to a game i bought days after..called ZORK..which was quite more bigger and had a bigger parser as any text adventure game i have played before..i spent nites solving riddles and finding my ways out of any situation which came across know what i speak of..ZORK was a Milestone for Text Adventure Games..and for some its still nowadays..

The following Zork Adventures were released:

  • Zork I: The Great Underground Empire
  • Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz
  • Zork III: The Dungeon Master


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Watch Out For The Barrels..

one of the most addictive Nintendo game is for sure Donkey Kong which was created 1981 by Shigaru Miyamoto who already worked for Nintendo at this point and with that game he had his breakthrough..funny thing not even Nintendo believed in the success of the game but they were wrong..Donkey Kong was the most sold arcade game (65000 Copies were sold) after Pacman.

donkey kong game

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What If..

you could start over and live your life from beginning? What would you change if it comes to friends, jobs and decisions in general?

these questions were asked by a a Man called “Peter J. Favaro” who created a game called Alter Ego which was released 1986 by Activision.

the game itself had no fancy graphics (except little icons which expressed and let the player explore the current situation) but was quite addicting cause every choice you made changed your life on coming aspects and was based on actual psychological knowledge and experiences.

alter ego game

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Cinemaware Strikes Back..

one of the best strategy games  you can call from the good old days is for sure Defender of the Crown..based on the book Ivanhoe the Black Knight written by Sir Walter Scott.

it was one of the rare games with very awesome animations in a cinemtopgraphic style ingame and in the cut sequences.

the game was first released for Amiga in 1986 and then later other releases followed.

defender of the crown

Update:Broken Link, since Cinemaware update their page and released Defender of the Crown on Itunes.

Thx to the Admin of the Blog Gold Coaster for pointing out


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Green Encounter..

They dig,  look desperately for exists, use parachutes..and if they cant make their way out they nuke themself..YES..The Lemmings are back..The most addicting Game so ever..maybe you played the Amiga or PC Version or any other its time to meet them prepared..or as a Lemming once said “Lets go”.

lemmings game

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Back for now..

Sorry, for not adding Posts lately but i enjoyed other RL Activities and had no time for the blog, however iam back and will more regulary update it.

Enjoy :)

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