Cinemaware Strikes Back..

one of the best strategy games  you can call from the good old days is for sure Defender of the Crown..based on the book Ivanhoe the Black Knight written by Sir Walter Scott.

it was one of the rare games with very awesome animations in a cinemtopgraphic style ingame and in the cut sequences.

the game was first released for Amiga in 1986 and then later other releases followed.

defender of the crown

Update:Broken Link, since Cinemaware update their page and released Defender of the Crown on Itunes.

Thx to the Admin of the Blog Gold Coaster for pointing out


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3 Responses to Cinemaware Strikes Back..

  1. Gold Coaster says:

    Oh man, I have to stop commenting – it is like a time warp here – all my favourite Amiga games are available (thanks for that)

    I had this one as well, I think it came on two disks and was $120 in my country (Australia) – games nowadays are not as dear as that.

  2. Gold Coaster says:

    Got to add, the link doesn’t work now that Cinemaware is selling the game on itunes they have deleted the game on their site

  3. alexchapman says:

    thx for telling, will do an update on that. :)

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