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Alexei Paschitnow a russian Coder created 1984 on an Elektronika-60-Computer one of the most simplest and addictivest games of all times..TETRIS.

as mentioned the Idea was and still is simple..7 different types of falling blocks have to be rotated before they fall down, to match a horizontal line. when a horizontal line is filled the blocks fall down one level.

the game ends when one of the blocks reach the top of the screen and none can be placed on top of the last line anymore.

Tetris was released for almost every Console Type,PC´s, on Handhelds and Mobile Phones.


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was a game released by Atari and Nolan Bushewell.

history tells us the Idea for this Game was made, as Nolan played a smiliar Game called “Ping Pong”, developed by the Company Magnavox.

he asked Allan Alcorn his employee to develope a similar Game.

they both had so much fun with it, so Nolan decided to release and sell the game and name it Pong.

the arcade version of Pong had no CPU unit and was built out of digital and analog circuits.


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Paku Paku

1980 a game was released in Japan called “Puck Man”, the idea for that name came from
the expression in japanese “Paku Paku”, which means opening and closing someones mouth repeatedly.

later as the game was released under the License of the Midway Company,
they decided to call it..”Pac Man”..cause they feared people would make a joke of it and
change the name from Puck Man to F*ck Man.

thats the start of the the most famous game in History..a little yellow round guy roaming around, eating pills and has to avoid ghosts.

there is not much more to say if it comes to the gameplay, except one thing:

still some people think the ghosts do random paths in that game, actually they have a bit of Artificial Intelligence and know what they do..but play it for yourself. :)


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Trained By Mr.Miyagi

1984 a US-Movie made sure Karate schools were run over by teens who wanted to learn Karate and  hoped, to find a teacher like Mr.Miyagi from the movie Karate Kid”.

suddenly everyone fell into a hype and so did the game industry one year later,
as they released the famous game International Karate.

a great soundtrack composed by Rob Hubbard, synthesized voice,
very realistic move animations of the fighters and overall nice painted/digitized backgrounds of famous locations all around the world and a two player mode
added all the needs to be the most addictive game ever.

a very nice remake of this game can be found here which is almost 1:1 to the original.

ps: 2 player modus seems to be missing in this remake, hopefully the author adds it :)

international karate

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

already in the 80s it was not uncommon that game studios
produced games after a huge blockbuster success…
and this happened to one movie which put everyone into a hype: Ghostbusters !

not only the soundtrack of the movie performed by Ray Parker Jr. got very popular, every kid wanted to be suddenly a Ghostbuster… i mean..i have to confess..even i ran around with a GhostBusters T-shirt at that time.

the game was quite good which Activision brought us on their screen.

you start with an amount of money which you needed to equip your Ghostbuster car with (you could choose between 4 different car models) and then went on a map to drive with your car from house to house to catch ghosts with the typical traps like they appeared in the movie.

the main goal of the game was to destroy Zuul.

decent graphics and a lot of fun and there were even special codes for the game which gave you more money and a better equipment.


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The Amulet Of Yendor

what Zork was for Adventures was a game called Rogue for RPG fans.
a round based rpg with the goal to retrieve the “Amulet of Yendor”
from down the deepest dungeon and bring it back to daylight.

the whole game itself was displayed with just plain Ascii characters but that did not stop anyone to play it for weeks or even months..since no other RPG reached its complexity.


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