Paku Paku

1980 a game was released in Japan called “Puck Man”, the idea for that name came from
the expression in japanese “Paku Paku”, which means opening and closing someones mouth repeatedly.

later as the game was released under the License of the Midway Company,
they decided to call it..”Pac Man”..cause they feared people would make a joke of it and
change the name from Puck Man to F*ck Man.

thats the start of the the most famous game in History..a little yellow round guy roaming around, eating pills and has to avoid ghosts.

there is not much more to say if it comes to the gameplay, except one thing:

still some people think the ghosts do random paths in that game, actually they have a bit of Artificial Intelligence and know what they do..but play it for yourself. :)


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