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Indy´s Brother

1989 Rick Dangerous was released to the public..lets call him..Indy Jones little Brother.

Rick´s Plane crashed in middle of the Jungle, which made the Goolu tribe very mad, he searched he runs for his life and ends up..where the game a Cave..still running cause a boulder is about to roll over far so bad..what is Rick capable to do?

not like Indy he carries a whip but is armed with a pistol and dynamite he can use to fight his encounters on the way through his quest and avoiding traps…

the game itself is pretty tough to play and starts to be frustrating after a while, since you always have to start from level one but for those who like a challenge its pretty brings up good memories.

the version of the game you can play from here is a Flash-Remake of the Atari ST/Amiga Version.

rick dangerous

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