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A game called Lunar Lander was along with Asteroids, one of Atari´s first games which got copyrighted and very successful.

but we orginally have to thank a 17 year old nerd (Jim Store) ,
who coded the game first in 1969 as a text based version called Lunar Landing Game” in the programming language FOCAL

during the following years, it was re-coded in machine language for a Display Type of the DEC Machines and found its way 1979 to Atari and was 1980 copyrighted by them.

In the game your goal is to land a lunar landing modul on a pad using thrust forth and back, take care of the fuel and additional be careful not to hit mountains.

the whole game is displayed in vector graphics, like the version of Atari was

lunar lander

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the classic of all platform games was developed 1983 by the company Broderbund and was one of the games which were first released for homecomputers like the C64 and then as an arcade game.

each level has narrow paths connected with ladders and our player is followed by enemies and has to collect treasures, on his way.

his only defense is that he can shoot a hole in bricks where his opponents fall in or he can fall through.

once he collected all treasures ways appear that make him go to the next level.

i found this very good and accurate remake of Loderunner which brought me by now hours of fun and if i wouldnt have to write that post by now, i still would be playing it.

lode runner

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long before computer games and video consoles entered the living rooms,
there was already a market for tiny lcd gaming consoles.

so now that you are not a kid anymore, you wish you had kept these little treasures
cause it was so much fun to play with..

well if you did, you can skip this post..and if can play many of them again
on your PC and remember the good old days.

the guys of Hipotopam made it possible…go check their site out and tell me,
what was your favourite LCD Handheld game as you were a kid.

leave it up on the comments..mine was Donkey Kong and was a two screen LCD Game.

lcd game

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Up In Space

earlier in my Posts i mentioned the Classic Pong which marked a beginning of the Video Game Industry, but we should not forget Taikos great shooter called Space Invaders released in 1978.

the idea was simple, from above rows of aliens shoot their missles to the bottom screen trying to hit the player, who had to move from left to right to advoid them.

additional the player had the chance to hide behind blocks as long as they were not destroyed by his own missles or the enemy ones.

the speed of the aliens coming down increased with duration of the game and the player lost one life, if he was either hit by a missle or one of the aliens touched the ground.

Space Invaders was one of the first games with multicolour graphics, which was made possible by using overlay sheets.

the pixelized aliens of that game are still used nowadays for nostalgic reasons in street art, printed on t-shirts etc.

space invaders

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Faster Than…

Speedy Gonzales (who was not in the game industry but a famous cartoon mouse on hyper) was Segas mascot called SONIC.

Sonic was a Blue Hedgehog, who could run incredibly fast, had to collect coins on his way and could blast his enemies when he coiled up.

Sega advertised their new Mascot along with the Sega Mega Drive, always with the Speed Factor in mind, to show off how fast their new System is.

In this very good Remake of the Original, you can play it again on your PC and choose Sonic or one of his friends, who have different abilities.

sonic the hedgehog

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Princess…Here I Come..

1985 the company Capcom released an arcade game where a knight had to rescue a princess.

you might think that story isn´t new (and really, it isn´t at all) but this game gave the company Capcom a real boost, especially as it was converted to homecomputers like the C64 and Amiga.

anyway, our hero called “Arthur” starts in shiny armour to use his weapon against zombies in beginning,

if he is hit by any monster he looses his armour and starts to continue to fight in underwear which leaves him unprotected and the next hit he will die.

at the end of each level an end boss awaits him and on his journey he can gain bonus items like new weapons.

thats briefly the gameplay, the game itself is fun and the music track of the game adds to the atmosphere.

so let´s play..”Ghost’n Goblins”

Note: This Flash-Remake is a very accurate remake of the arcade version,

not of any homecomputer version, since these adaptions had less levels than the arcade.

ghostn goblins

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Sierra´s Gem

Jones in the Fast Lane is a round based life-simulation game by Sierra where the player can play against 4 Competitors or against the Computer.

each round represents a week where your character (you can choose one of 4 at the beginnig) is displayed as a tiny dot on a map, which you move from building to building to educate yourself, work at your job, pay your rent, buy food, clothing and much more.

after a week is ended its the turn of the next player to get his/her things done and the player wins who reached the goal which can be defined before the game starts.

i must say, i first was sceptical as i started to play the game..wondering if i will quit it after a few minutes but after playing it for hours, i realized i play here one of Sierra´s Gems.

the graphics are very nice drawn and the digitized and animated images gave the game a realistic touch, not to forget Sierra added in this Version digitized speech as well.

i would like to thank Yar Telling, a friend and resident of the virtual world Second Life to pointing me out to that very beautiful retro game.

jones in the fast lane

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