Sierra´s Gem

Jones in the Fast Lane is a round based life-simulation game by Sierra where the player can play against 4 Competitors or against the Computer.

each round represents a week where your character (you can choose one of 4 at the beginnig) is displayed as a tiny dot on a map, which you move from building to building to educate yourself, work at your job, pay your rent, buy food, clothing and much more.

after a week is ended its the turn of the next player to get his/her things done and the player wins who reached the goal which can be defined before the game starts.

i must say, i first was sceptical as i started to play the game..wondering if i will quit it after a few minutes but after playing it for hours, i realized i play here one of Sierra´s Gems.

the graphics are very nice drawn and the digitized and animated images gave the game a realistic touch, not to forget Sierra added in this Version digitized speech as well.

i would like to thank Yar Telling, a friend and resident of the virtual world Second Life to pointing me out to that very beautiful retro game.

jones in the fast lane

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