Persian Dreams

in my earlier posts, i mentioned the game Another World, where the animation of the characters were made with  retroscope techniques. the same technique was used for famous retro games like Karateka.

but the game i want to talk about in this post, is called Prince of Persia.

released 1989 by the company Brøderbund , Prince of Persia became quite a success cause of the realistic animations made by the creator Jordan Melcher, who, was i mentioned, already had huge success with his earlier game at this time, called Karateka which was based on retroscope techniques as well.

the gameplay itself, was pretty straight. our hero has to escape his cell, to rescue (yes, i know..once again..) a princess..during his escape he has to avoid skeletons, different traps and much more, while his only weapon is a sword to defend hisself..and he has only one hour time..

So come and play the Flash-Remake of this great classic game done by UbiSoft

prince of persia

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2 Responses to Persian Dreams

  1. I like play the game Prince of Persia,it is breathtaking and exciting.

  2. donnau1 says:

    I love the way you set up your blog. I am not really a game head but i enjoyed the read thanks for sharing.

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