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The Journey Of a Pumpkin

in 1985 Palace Software came out with a game called Cauldron for homecomputers like the C64, Spectrum and CPC.

the main character was a witch on a broom who had to collect magical items and bring them home to brew a mighty potion together, to destroy an evil Pumpkin and finish the game by doing that.

But..he is back..and seeks for revenge.

one year later, Palace brought out the game: Cauldron 2 – The Pumpkin strikes back

the game starts at a random spot where we have to navigate our always bouncing Pumpkin,
collect items in a given order and in the end to destroy the witch in her own castle.

This very good flash adaption of that game convinced the gamer´s heart as it is really close to the original. not to forget, a good game for coming halloween :)


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Dana The Magician

It´s puzzle time today, so i want to introduce a real classic game, which was released 1986 and later the years, converted to many homecomputers like the Commodore 64, Spectrum and many others, as well for game consoles like the NES.

Solomons´s Key can be called one of the hardest puzzle games of the times and still is.

so, here goes the story:

Dana our magician has to restore the world, which is taken over by demons by getting the Solomon’s Key.

through 64 Levels (50 Levels + Hidden Bonus Levels) our magican needs to find his way to the door, which leads to the next level.

like every magician he has skills..Dana can run, jump, shoot fireballs to destroy demons
and can create and destroy blocks to build his way to the door if there seems to be none..

yes, Solomon’s Key is one of the hardest puzzle games, you can´t save and if you lose all lives, no matter what level you are now , you have to start again from level 1.

but even cause of this aspect, the game gets very addictive once you start playing it and makes your brain cells go on high power, thinking how to build a good way to reach the next door and not to run into demons.

The Flash Conversion of this Game is not complete yet, but you can play the first few levels.

solomons key

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Asteroid Fields

okay..i spoiled it with the Title, now you know what game i want to introduce today.

its Asteroids the great classic arcade game released 1979 by Atari using the same vector display like in their other arcade game called Lunar Lander which they were producing at the same time as store owners all over the US wanted to order Asteroids.

anyway, in the end Asteroids became Atari´s best selling arcade game ever.

in the game the player has to navigate a space ship through an asteroid field, shoot at the asteroids and always be careful not to collide with them.

as an additional feature the space ship can use hyperspace, which means the spaceship randomly appears at the screen after disappearing (but thats a bit dangerous, cause it could always appear in middle of the field and hit an asteroid and be destroyed).

to move our spaceship it can rotate left and right and using thrust to move forward.

each destroyed asteroid gives points..bonus points can be gained by shooting flying saucers, which randomly appear.

thats the gameplay to far..and since Atari had so much success with it, they decided to have an own Flash Version on their site you can play which is very very close to the original..



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