The Journey Of a Pumpkin

in 1985 Palace Software came out with a game called Cauldron for homecomputers like the C64, Spectrum and CPC.

the main character was a witch on a broom who had to collect magical items and bring them home to brew a mighty potion together, to destroy an evil Pumpkin and finish the game by doing that.

But..he is back..and seeks for revenge.

one year later, Palace brought out the game: Cauldron 2 – The Pumpkin strikes back

the game starts at a random spot where we have to navigate our always bouncing Pumpkin,
collect items in a given order and in the end to destroy the witch in her own castle.

This very good flash adaption of that game convinced the gamer´s heart as it is really close to the original. not to forget, a good game for coming halloween :)


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  1. Alexander says:

    I know my son will love it.

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