An American Novel

This time i want to introduce a game made after a novel written in 1925 by Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

The Novel pulls us to the Year 1920, where a young millioniare and businessman,
called Jay Gatsby regulary does dance parties at his House in Long Island
for the New Yorker Society.

All what Jay wants is though the Love of his Life back, called Daisy.

Though while Jay fought in First World War in France, Daisy married Tom Buchanan, another Millionaire and Ex – Football Player..

The Story is being told in the perspective of Nick Carraway (a Cousin of Daisy) who moves into the House of Gatsby..and so is the Gameplay of The Great Gatsby.

In our first Mission, Nick has to find Gatsby in the Garden behind the House, on our way we can collect coins and need to make sure not to bump into a waiter or being hit by a bottle of of one of the drunken party guests.

The Graphics are very neatly drawn and the Music fits well to the atmosphere of the game.

Originally the Game was developed for NES and was called “Doki Doki Toshokan: Gatsby no Monogatari” and the Cartdridge was bought at a Yard Sale for 50 Cent by one of the guys who did the remake.

They still search for more Info on this rare Game, so feel free not only to play it but
also send them infos about it.

Thanks again to Yar Telling, friend of mine and resident in Second Life
who poked me to do a post about it :)

great gatsby


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