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Wizard of Wor

Wizard of Wor is originally an arcade game released 1981 by the company Bally Midway (Midway Home Entertainment).

The same year it was ported for the Commodore 64 and joined the line of one of the most addicting computer action games for two players.


Each player has a Hero called Worrior who has the abililities to walk through a maze-styled dungeon and be able to shoot at monsters.

The game itself can be played alone or with a player who can be your opponent  or you decide to be on teamwork and fight against these evil looking creatures.

Doors who are placed at the right and left side of the dungeon, can be used to travel from one end to another.

The game has 13 dungeons and 5 different types of Monsters which are called Burwor, Garwor, Thorwor, Worluk and the Wizard of Wor.

Some Monsters can be only seen on the displayed Radar but not on the maze itself.

Bonuses (double points next round) apply for shooting a Worluk or the Wizard of Wor.

Should you manage to reach Level 8 your rank will be changed to “Worlord”..but its gonna be tough..

The game is remade by Tóth Krisztián, a hungarian coder who brought the commodore 64
version back to our screen with HTML5.

wizard of wor

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