Jack the Superhero

1984 he was born..JACK..the Superhero..

You might know him as well under his nickname Bomb Jack.

In that platform game made by Tekhan, our Hero glides and jumps around the Screen to collect 24 Bombs at famous locations like Castle Neuschwanstein, The Sphinx in Egypt and many more attractive locations around the globe.

while he collects the bombs he has to watch out for enemies who appear as birds, mummies, orbs and so on.

additional bonus items in form of letters can be grabbed as well, these are: (E) Extra Life, Score Multiplay x 5 (B) , Extra Game (S) and finally (P) for turning all monsters into coins.

I played in the late 80s the Commodore 64 Version, which really couldnt convince me and was low-rated in computer magazines, not cause of the low graphics compared to the arcade version but more cause of the lack of gameplay.

however, i found this really well done retro remake of Bomb Jack, which gives you fun for a short time for breaks between work or whatever you do important.

Bomb Jack


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