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Your girlfriend is back..

Remember games like Turrican and Shadow of the Beast?

These Games were milestones on one of the successful 16 Bit Computers of all time..

Amiga (span. girlfriend).

everyone used it..artists, filmmakers,the music Industry and even Andy Warhol.

last but not gave us gamers many many hours of fun playing Games like the ones i mentioned.

In the End of 2012 the developer Rubert Hausperger made it possible to emulate games (and demos) for the Amiga Computer using html5 and javascript.

since his Emulator SAE (Scripted Amiga Emulation) uses a lot of cpu time and by the developer its recommended to end all unecessary tasks and keep focus on the active browser window, where the emulator is running.

the developer also suggest to run it in google chrome, where it works best.

due to license problems Rubert  could not use the original Kickstart Rom, but used a free alternative called AROS Kickstart which works quite well.

SAE is Open Source and the source code can be found on GridHub.

Turrican in Scripted Amiga Emulator

Click here to use the Scripted Amiga Emulator:

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Back for now..

Sorry, for not adding Posts lately but i enjoyed other RL Activities and had no time for the blog, however iam back and will more regulary update it.

Enjoy :)

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