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A game called Lunar Lander was along with Asteroids, one of Atari´s first games which got copyrighted and very successful.

but we orginally have to thank a 17 year old nerd (Jim Store) ,
who coded the game first in 1969 as a text based version called Lunar Landing Game” in the programming language FOCAL

during the following years, it was re-coded in machine language for a Display Type of the DEC Machines and found its way 1979 to Atari and was 1980 copyrighted by them.

In the game your goal is to land a lunar landing modul on a pad using thrust forth and back, take care of the fuel and additional be careful not to hit mountains.

the whole game is displayed in vector graphics, like the version of Atari was

lunar lander

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What If..

you could start over and live your life from beginning? What would you change if it comes to friends, jobs and decisions in general?

these questions were asked by a a Man called “Peter J. Favaro” who created a game called Alter Ego which was released 1986 by Activision.

the game itself had no fancy graphics (except little icons which expressed and let the player explore the current situation) but was quite addicting cause every choice you made changed your life on coming aspects and was based on actual psychological knowledge and experiences.

alter ego game

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