Tomatoes Wearing Goggles..

i know this title of this post sounds a bit weird but so are the characters looking,
in our today retro game called Dig Dug.

an arcade game released and published 1982 by the company Namco and later brought to the homecomputer market.

So what is the goal of the game?

Dig Dug, our pixel hero, has to destroy monsters in underground by either inflating them til they pop or let drop rocks on them.

there are two kinds of enemies in the game, one of them are called, Pookas which look “yes really”, like tomatoes with yellow goggles on and the other are called Fygars, dragons which can breathe fire at our hero.

Dig Dug can be killed by two happenings, either he gets burned by the dragon, one of the tomatoes catch him..erhm.i meant..Fygars..or a rock drops on his head.

good for our hero is, he can pass through the monsters, while they are deflating..

the level numbers are shown as flowers at top of underground and the level is completed, when the last monsters flees (yes, alone they are scared ;) or our hero manages it to kill it.

So far for the now play for yourself..the old retro hit called Dig Dug.

dig dug

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Power Up..

Time for some Action…Delta (in US called “Delta Patrol”) is a horizontal Shooter released on the Commodore 64, where the player uses a spaceship to detroy formations of enemies to gain power up.

If you manage to destroy a whole wave of enmies, you have the chance to earn credits to buy new weapons or modifictions for your space ship.

Rob Hubbard and Phillip Glass made the Menu and in-game Music of this very addictive and fun space shooter.

The Flash Remake is so close to the original, you even feel it playing it on your C64.


important keys: F3 = toggle autofire / F4 = toggle ingame music (cannot be used during game)

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Persian Dreams

in my earlier posts, i mentioned the game Another World, where the animation of the characters were made with  retroscope techniques. the same technique was used for famous retro games like Karateka.

but the game i want to talk about in this post, is called Prince of Persia.

released 1989 by the company Brøderbund , Prince of Persia became quite a success cause of the realistic animations made by the creator Jordan Melcher, who, was i mentioned, already had huge success with his earlier game at this time, called Karateka which was based on retroscope techniques as well.

the gameplay itself, was pretty straight. our hero has to escape his cell, to rescue (yes, i know..once again..) a princess..during his escape he has to avoid skeletons, different traps and much more, while his only weapon is a sword to defend hisself..and he has only one hour time..

So come and play the Flash-Remake of this great classic game done by UbiSoft

prince of persia

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Kitchen Accidents

There comes a time when your Sink is all a mess and water does not go down the drain that case..3 things could come to your mind..

1. I fix it myself, i know i can do it..after all its not the first time
2. Maybe i could call Tim Taylor the Guy of Home Improvement..
3. I wish Mario would be here..he would fix it..

I would say..Choice 3 would be the better one..i mean..a guy who is able to rescue a princess, should be able to fix your sink, won´t he?

and thats what you have to do in the Retro Remake called Super Mario Flash.

you can choose between Luigi or Mario and as mentioned, your goal is to rescue the Princess, from the Evil Bowser.

The Remake is not that accurate, since some elements are taken from other Mario Games,
but the fact that it has a Level Editor, adds a lot of fun to it, so others can play your creations.

Super Mario


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Dragons And Bubbles

they are back, the cutest Dragons in Town..Bob and Bub.

aam not really sure if they are brothers or just good friends,
but they have in common that they shoot their enemies with Bubbles,
catch all the fruit after and then head to the next level.

Not to forget the Bonus Items which let you skip levels and so on.

Know what game i speak of?

Yes, its the classic game released 1986 by Taiko, called Bubble Bobble.

Played it first time on my C64 and could not stop, even the fact
the Background Music,  was repeating all over and drove me nuts,
the gameplay itself made it even again.

Try out the Remake and you know what i mean.
bubble bobble



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Another World

1991 Delphine Software released Another World for the Amiga Computers.

the game basically was using retroscope animations like successful games before,
if we just think of Prince of Persia and Karateka.

additional all the characters in the game were realised with polygons and the backgrounds well drawn, to give the whole game a movie-like atmosphere.

Gil Megidish a coder, made it possible to play this game “without” any Plugins in your browser..No Flash..nothing.

all you need is your favourite Browser and you can enter Another World, since he ported it via JavaScript to your screen.

the downside is, you can only play one level and it has some “tiny” graphic glitches and there is no sound,  but it shows you what is possible if not using any plugin.

another world

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A game called Lunar Lander was along with Asteroids, one of Atari´s first games which got copyrighted and very successful.

but we orginally have to thank a 17 year old nerd (Jim Store) ,
who coded the game first in 1969 as a text based version called Lunar Landing Game” in the programming language FOCAL

during the following years, it was re-coded in machine language for a Display Type of the DEC Machines and found its way 1979 to Atari and was 1980 copyrighted by them.

In the game your goal is to land a lunar landing modul on a pad using thrust forth and back, take care of the fuel and additional be careful not to hit mountains.

the whole game is displayed in vector graphics, like the version of Atari was

lunar lander

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the classic of all platform games was developed 1983 by the company Broderbund and was one of the games which were first released for homecomputers like the C64 and then as an arcade game.

each level has narrow paths connected with ladders and our player is followed by enemies and has to collect treasures, on his way.

his only defense is that he can shoot a hole in bricks where his opponents fall in or he can fall through.

once he collected all treasures ways appear that make him go to the next level.

i found this very good and accurate remake of Loderunner which brought me by now hours of fun and if i wouldnt have to write that post by now, i still would be playing it.

lode runner

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long before computer games and video consoles entered the living rooms,
there was already a market for tiny lcd gaming consoles.

so now that you are not a kid anymore, you wish you had kept these little treasures
cause it was so much fun to play with..

well if you did, you can skip this post..and if can play many of them again
on your PC and remember the good old days.

the guys of Hipotopam made it possible…go check their site out and tell me,
what was your favourite LCD Handheld game as you were a kid.

leave it up on the comments..mine was Donkey Kong and was a two screen LCD Game.

lcd game

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Up In Space

earlier in my Posts i mentioned the Classic Pong which marked a beginning of the Video Game Industry, but we should not forget Taikos great shooter called Space Invaders released in 1978.

the idea was simple, from above rows of aliens shoot their missles to the bottom screen trying to hit the player, who had to move from left to right to advoid them.

additional the player had the chance to hide behind blocks as long as they were not destroyed by his own missles or the enemy ones.

the speed of the aliens coming down increased with duration of the game and the player lost one life, if he was either hit by a missle or one of the aliens touched the ground.

Space Invaders was one of the first games with multicolour graphics, which was made possible by using overlay sheets.

the pixelized aliens of that game are still used nowadays for nostalgic reasons in street art, printed on t-shirts etc.

space invaders

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