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Tomatoes Wearing Goggles..

i know this title of this post sounds a bit weird but so are the characters looking,
in our today retro game called Dig Dug.

an arcade game released and published 1982 by the company Namco and later brought to the homecomputer market.

So what is the goal of the game?

Dig Dug, our pixel hero, has to destroy monsters in underground by either inflating them til they pop or let drop rocks on them.

there are two kinds of enemies in the game, one of them are called, Pookas which look “yes really”, like tomatoes with yellow goggles on and the other are called Fygars, dragons which can breathe fire at our hero.

Dig Dug can be killed by two happenings, either he gets burned by the dragon, one of the tomatoes catch him..erhm.i meant..Fygars..or a rock drops on his head.

good for our hero is, he can pass through the monsters, while they are deflating..

the level numbers are shown as flowers at top of underground and the level is completed, when the last monsters flees (yes, alone they are scared ;) or our hero manages it to kill it.

So far for the gameplay..so now play for yourself..the old retro hit called Dig Dug.

dig dug


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