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Dana The Magician

It´s puzzle time today, so i want to introduce a real classic game, which was released 1986 and later the years, converted to many homecomputers like the Commodore 64, Spectrum and many others, as well for game consoles like the NES.

Solomons´s Key can be called one of the hardest puzzle games of the times and still is.

so, here goes the story:

Dana our magician has to restore the world, which is taken over by demons by getting the Solomon’s Key.

through 64 Levels (50 Levels + Hidden Bonus Levels) our magican needs to find his way to the door, which leads to the next level.

like every magician he has skills..Dana can run, jump, shoot fireballs to destroy demons
and can create and destroy blocks to build his way to the door if there seems to be none..

yes, Solomon’s Key is one of the hardest puzzle games, you can´t save and if you lose all lives, no matter what level you are now , you have to start again from level 1.

but even cause of this aspect, the game gets very addictive once you start playing it and makes your brain cells go on high power, thinking how to build a good way to reach the next door and not to run into demons.

The Flash Conversion of this Game is not complete yet, but you can play the first few levels.

solomons key


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