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Power Up..

Time for some Action…Delta (in US called “Delta Patrol”) is a horizontal Shooter released on the Commodore 64, where the player uses a spaceship to detroy formations of enemies to gain power up.

If you manage to destroy a whole wave of enmies, you have the chance to earn credits to buy new weapons or modifictions for your space ship.

Rob Hubbard and Phillip Glass made the Menu and in-game Music of this very addictive and fun space shooter.

The Flash Remake is so close to the original, you even feel it playing it on your C64.



important keys: F3 = toggle autofire / F4 = toggle ingame music (cannot be used during game)

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Up In Space

earlier in my Posts i mentioned the Classic Pong which marked a beginning of the Video Game Industry, but we should not forget Taikos great shooter called Space Invaders released in 1978.

the idea was simple, from above rows of aliens shoot their missles to the bottom screen trying to hit the player, who had to move from left to right to advoid them.

additional the player had the chance to hide behind blocks as long as they were not destroyed by his own missles or the enemy ones.

the speed of the aliens coming down increased with duration of the game and the player lost one life, if he was either hit by a missle or one of the aliens touched the ground.

Space Invaders was one of the first games with multicolour graphics, which was made possible by using overlay sheets.

the pixelized aliens of that game are still used nowadays for nostalgic reasons in street art, printed on t-shirts etc.

space invaders


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